Just Between Us...


eggs benedict baltimore style

known for our corn beef hash,

best biscuits & gravy in the city!

Our Little Secret is an authentic restaurant

and catering company

for those who are passionate about food!


Press Review 

Published by:   Neighborhood Gazette 

March/April 2010  Issue




 Not Our Little Secret for Long!

By Terri Longo


The decor and positive vibe in this brand new bistro, Our Little Secret , is as bright as the glow in lifetime Pleasant Hills resident and Owner Missy Licht's eyes. The cheery pieces of artwork, LIVE LOVE AND LAUGH and DREAM signs on the wall are fitting. Missy's dream of opening her own restaurant and catering business has become a reality after many years of entertaining. Our Little Secret is located next to Foodland in the former Value City shopping plaza on Lebanon Church Road and has been open for just a few weeks now. Providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and all-event catering, this immaculate BYOB bistro is just the type of atmosphere, price and cuisine that you can't always find locally.


You may choose to sit in one of their huge, leather booths with your family, client or small party. You may choose to sip coffee on one of their leather 50's style soda-shop stools at the stainless steel counter. Or, perhaps bring your date and a bottle of wine and sit in the quaint nook of conversation-like tables. As an added bonus there is an open floor plan that allows for the nosey to see what's going on in the kitchen.

The menu is interesting and diverse. You can chose breakfast ranging from The Usual and the Biggest Paneycakes in the World for $4.95, to a gourmet treat of Eggs Benedict Baltimore Style  (made with crab cakes and topped with real hollandaise sauce) for the bank-breaking price of $9.95!


Stuffed Banana Peppers and BLT California Style with Avocado for lunch also receive special mention. If you love seafood, your dinner decision will be a rough one with entrees such as Fried Calamari Parmesan, Shrimp Scampi, Salmon with Balsamic Glaze, Seared Scallops, or Crab Ravioli.


Let's get to a dining experience that I am happy to blab about. As soon as we sat down we were thrown a football-sized loaf of Italian bread with marinara sauce. Yay! The first of my three side items was Mushroom Soup. The mushrooms are not canned (small miracle) and were so plenty that I was already getting full. Despite that fact, three more huge plates are coming my way. The first is Homemade Potato Chips which look nothing like chips but instead are delicious giant saucers of thin cut home fries! Next to arrive, a bright PILE of fresh green beans.


Finally ,my  Entree, Decadent Veal Rolls This is a deep dish of 4 large, savory veal cutlets rolled and stuffed with sweet crab. The veal is swimming in a TON of artichokes and mushrooms, and the Marsala Sauce is not too thick and not too brothy. My companion chose one of the specials, Lasagna. This sizeable cut of Lasagna was accompanied by chunks of Italian sausage as well as beef. We agreed that this creamy mound could only be described as melting in your mouth!

Our dishes were awesome and best of all; I got two meals from the leftovers. Our combined cost for a gourmet meal AND drinks  - $30.00.


Our Secret? Splitting the cost of our six-pack that we bought next door and toted in! Our Little Secret is an appropriate name for this great little Neighborhood.